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Video graphers carefully look at everything they shot. Actions such as removing red eye, cropping, and enhancing improve quality. They also may add graphics or other artistic touches.


Freelance photographer Sakis Karakasidis and Videographer Dimokratis Dimitriadis are an expert when it comes to organizing an editorial fashion, weddings photos and an environmental portrait photo shoot from start to finish. They create this definitive guide to putting together a fashion shoot, full of all the tips and tricks you need for your plan and shoot an editorial projects. No matter what your budget is..!!!! We all see beauty in different places. What stands out to you might seem unappealing to someone else, and vice versa. Fine art photography doesn’t have a definition of its own. But it does attract those who share a specific vision. Fine art photographs are created as carefully as paintings. They’re often difficult to create in one session. They stand out because of their details, compositions, and meanings. Most importantly, they’re visions that are far more than simple snapshots. These descriptions sound vague because fine art itself is ever-changing.


Editorial photography is for the purpose of publication in magazines, newspaper, art exhibition
highfashion photography

For high fashion, the photography focuses on brand of an outfit or product. This photography mainly features renowned celebs and supermodels to promote the brand by creating extraordinary images.
Catalog fashion

Catalog fashion photography is nothing but promoting products.

The term fashion photography describes a type of fine art photography devoted to the promotion of fashion items such as haute couture clothing, as well as mass-market clothes, shoes, perfume and other branded products designed by fashion houses around the world

The world of fashion changes over the time and it keeps on evolving. Hence, fashion photographers are extensively needed for displaying a new trend into the world with the image publication in different magazines and websites. Fashion photography allows us to what is the latest fashion trend because it keeps us updated.

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